Williams, Coulter taking back the country … way back

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Hank Williams Jr. compares President Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler.

Conservative talking head Ann Coulter compares Wall Street protesters to Nazis.

Why are so many political comparisons taking root in the 1930’s? And why are they always coming from the far right?

Williams, who is known by the younger generation as the slack-jawed hick that does the Monday Night Football theme, reached deep into the Tea Party lexicon (about 16 words) and found one he knows nothing about, other than it’s bad.

Obama is trying to give a population healthcare. Hitler gave a population a moderate oven.

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The answer, in my mind, seems to come down to appealing to the lowest-common denominator. The most out of touch person can likely telling you something about Hitler and the Holocaust. The extent of their detail will probably be, “lots of people died,” but, shit, it’s something.

By posing as an authoritative figure on television, the uneducated will listen. Media literacy is a big problem today in America. Many people cannot correctly identify whether they are viewing analysis, opinion or news editorial content. By Fox News posing Williams as someone who actually knows something, it gives the “average” out-of-touch person the idea that Williams has done an iota of research.

Today’s post is a call to you, the reader. What is your take on the standards of criticism seen in the media?

Is this seen on both the right (Fox News) and the left (MSNBC)?


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One thought on “Williams, Coulter taking back the country … way back

  1. scott says:

    He (williams) sounds drunk

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